Vertigo In Your Mind

Vertigo is a state of mind in which everything is going round and round. It’s a state of our universe with everything spinning concentrically, creating spirals and circles. Some simply forget about this axiom of life preferring to live in narrow linear dimensions. But not us.

Vertigo Records was founded specifically in order to unfold  and preserve a very special type of psychoactive music: the sort of music that gives us all a feeling of motion when everything is stationary, the sort of music that makes you fly without moving and dance like nobody is watching you.

 The impulse to start Vertigo label was given to us at the end of 2004 in Moscow, Russia, and since then our team of experienced navigators and antigravity experts has been travelling around the planet digging deeper and going further into the matrix of creation. Our goal is to find the most unique psychedelic gems that will penetrate the subconsciousness and reveal the vertigo effect, exposing the true nature of reality.

Over the years we have connected with many prominent psychedelic masters, discovered many gifted psy-enthusiasts, and collected their creations into more than 20 audio volumes suitable for any audio palyers on the planet, but only to be played at propper moments. Also we have organized many psychedelic gatherings to test these tunes among like-minded people consumed by the vertigo effect. As a result, Vertigo Records has spread around the globe and has reached Australia, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, India, and Europe, where we have our granted ambassadors.

You can also join us. If you are feeling the vertigo effect blitzing away in your mind, and it can only come out in a form of music and arts, please contact us immediately no matter where you are. We would be happy to change this world together and take off into the cosmos with you.               

Frosty Fennic - Eyes Cold EP Frosty Fennic - Eyes Cold EP

Frosty Fennic aka Jukka Surakka is yet another great representative of modern psytrance scene of Finland. He already got some recognition in past few years with solid releases and remixes on some of the scene leading labels and now delivering his latest productions with new EP “Eyes Cold” on Vertigo Records

VA - Vertigo All Around VA - Vertigo All Around

Vertigo Records has reached a decade of its service for delivery of original quality psychedelic music to the people. And we would like to make another mark in the history by our special anniversary compilation which we believe represents all stages of the development of label’s sound. In this CD we have collected most interesting tracks from our resident artists, who have been with us through all those years and become regular features of our compilations and released their albums on Vertigo record

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