VA - The Night Tribe

VA - The Night Tribe

Artist Compilation

Title The Night Tribe

Cat. number VERTIGOCD11

Type CD

Genre psytrance, darkpsy

Tracks 9

Release date 07/01/2006

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During the whole history of homo sapiens, it's certain part was trying to overrun the limits, separating mankind from united integer, from entity of life. All tribes used the different rituals for achievement the magic state of trance. Some external differences were defined difference of the cultures, but essence always was one! We're offering you three histories, three journeys, three glances, which will show you yourselves. Your conductors will be three projects, each of which consists of two people. Each of these projects not new, each has its history, and, certainly, each has a lot to say. Don't be afraid to become a night tribe through Vertigo. We promise, you'll get powerful, interesting and quite new exrerience! Another avant garde release from the Vertigo Camp exploring new dimensions

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