VA - RevertiGO

VA - RevertiGO

Artist VA

Title ReVertiGO

Cat. number VERTIGOEP04

Type EP

Genre psytrance

Tracks 4

Lenght 32:50

Design Psi Poskoino & Asia Sin

Mastering Colin OOOD

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 Vertigo Records is back with a special Christmas gift to all faithful fans of our label and, we hope, to all new followers too. We've put together a free digital EP that consists of exclusive remixes and previously unreleased versions of some of the greatest tunes of the last two decades. Firstly we have the 2nd part of ‘In The Hands of the Shaman’ by the legendary Trold, the first part of which features on their last album ‘Time for Solution’ released on Vertigo earlier this year; then Samadhi comes with a powerfully crunchy remix of the absolute Goa Trance classic ‘Teleport’ by Man With No Name; Finnish duo Rye Smugglers drop their revision of Donna Summer's groundbreaking disco anthem ‘I feel Love’ and last but not least we have Nebula Meltdown with an amazing remix of ‘It’s Just a Ride’, the marvellous Voice of Cod's most popular tune.

 We are happy to share these gems with you for free and hope that you will also share it with your friends, neighbours and pets…

Free download links:  Vertigo Shop , Vertigo Facebook Page, Ektoplazm

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