TransDriver project founded in 1993 by Alexey Kovalev and Vasily Markelov ( Psykovsky) is considered to be a true pioneer of Psychedelic trance music in Russia. Since 1995 he has released many tracks on various labels located as far as USA and Australia. Among them are 4 full length albums : "Transoverdrive" (1995),  "Analog Terror" (1997), "Psychedelic Sound Art" (2000 ) and ultimate double CD album "Between Day and Night" (2005 ) on Vertigo Records.

 TransDriver has developed his unique recognizable sound with tight rhythmic structure and complex melodies often using real instruments in studio as well as during gigs. Alexey is also experienced sound engineer that helps him to achieve superb and clean quality of his productions totally diverse from anything you heard before.   Alexey tries to put some idea inside each track he creates using different means of expression. So his tunes are like short stories that consist of electronic impulses and sound waves instead of words.  Main manifest of his creative effort is music psychedelic music for you mind, not just for body movement.

 TransDriver has been touring with his unique live across USA, Asia, Europe as well as all former USSR countries.

Watch Transdriver live! @ New York

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Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP

The long-awaited release DISSOCIACTIVE EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" is OUT on Bandcamp . Stay tuned! Наконец-то долгожданные новые треки проекта DISSOCIACTIVE в его EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" стали доступны на Вскоре релиз будет доступен и на других ресурсах.

Blastourist EP Blastourist EP

Blastourist is the fresh psychedelic trance project of Tom and Gergo. The duo has countless years of experience in psychedelic music. Tom as a producer, aka Spiritcat, Gergo as a DJ, aka Gorgo did their best for the scene. Blastourist arrives with playful basslines to move your body across the night and carefully crafted leads to catch the light in the dark.

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