Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution

Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution

Artist Terrafractyl

Title Electronic Evolution

Cat. number VERTIGOCD026

Type CD

Genre psytrance, full on

Tracks 12

Lenght 74 min

Release date 30/03/2012

Design Lewis Smart

Mastering Felix Greenlees @ Fractal Studio

Terrafractyl - Electronic Evolution by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

We are entering a new era of human consciousness evolution; it’s time for global awareness and it’s time to unleash some special music. So Vertigo Records is bringing out for you an absolutely innovative album by one of the most productive and talented producers from the land of Oz, Felix Greenlees aka Terrafractyl titled ‘Electronic Evolution’. Being a classically trained musician Felix knows perfectly how to create a harmonic balance of a mixture of beautiful sparkling melodies, playful funky grooves, various real instruments and thoughtful words. All these make Terrafractyl’s sound so breathtaking and so different from anything you have heard before. This music is designed especially for those glorious morning moments when people are meeting on dance floors after trippy nights and sharing smiles with everyone around.  Some intresting collborations with such artsits as Positive Thought and Launchpad as Free Standing Pickles featured on this album as well.  No doubt Felix’s productions are at the cutting-edge of modern psychedelic music with all his projects: Terrafractyl, Hypnagog and Mental Extentions. So open your heart,  your mind and pereapre your body for a colorful audio journey You will never forget.

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