Soladria - The Paragraph EP

Soladria - The Paragraph EP

Artist Soladria

Title The Paragraph EP

Cat. number VERTIGOEP06

Type EP

Genre psytrance, goatrance

Tracks 5

Lenght 41:06

Release date 18.12.2014

Design Tim Duster

Mastering Colin OOOD

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Vertigo Records Publishing is delivering you an exciting new chapter of the audio sonic diaries of intergalactic traveller Matti Mikkola. Also known as Soladria, and considered to be most talented and productive psytrance artist in the modern Finnish psychedelic scene. His “Paragraph” EP is a superbly well-blended mixture of crunchy full-on beats and soulful mystic melodies, spiced up with healthy neo-Goa vibes.  All his musical ideas are also supported by the top notch production skills this guy is known for. Open up and read thorough another paragraph of the never-ending cosmic saga known as Psychecelic Trance.

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