Born in open space as the result of gravity between beautiful Andromeda Galaxy and passing by asteroid, then after navigating through distant dimensions and foggy nebulas he was forwarded to planet Earth ( Solar System District) and allocated to one of cosy social surroundings  near Helsinki, Funland.

After numerous attempts of taking over the World as professional ice hockey warrior Matti ( the obtain earthling name) he released that it is more important mission that this retarded planet needed the most, “ To make it a better place by means of synchronous sound wave oscillations, that locals called as Music” and that how Soladria came into existence @ current space time continuum.

Soladria”s brand of psytrance is not bound to only one direction, and listener can expect almost any style of lift-off when fuelled. Bouncing basslines, straight-forward, energetic and surprising are few adjectives that could describe the vibes transmitted to the floors. Accompanied with drifting atmospheres and mystical, even sinister sound-scapes.

 After some years of perfecting the formula, studying HR GIGER-methods and naturally, trying to satisfy the never ending flood of inspiration towards the aural-wankery - 
Soladria’s first released tunes and gig’s abroad saw daylight in 2011, followed by a lot of landings at 2012 - in such destinations as Germany, Russia, Holland, Lithuania and Cech Republic,
Of course, not forgetting regular appearances on all major Funland parties, and its plenty of them here, That’s why its called Funland )  Also with relentless appetite to see more of the milkyway and beyond, he is still on the beginning of his major trip.... Houston, roll me one

LInks:  Soundcloud / Facebook

VA - Namaste From Russia 3 VA - Namaste From Russia 3

VERTIGO RECORDS crew is proud to announce our new VA NAMASTE FROM RUSSIA 3 the next chapter of our series dedicated to Psychedelic scene in Russia. This compilation consists of 10 conscientiously chosen music stories that were made especially for this compilation by some of the famous Russian soundmasters including Transdriver , Wishi , Fungus Funk , Dissociaсtive and Glooex . Also following an old good Vertigo tradition of supporting few up-and-coming producers such as Deceptio Visus , Groove Hunter and Nemo as well as famous Russian Dj Myst

VA - FroZen DeLights VA - FroZen DeLights

FroZen DeLights is an unique collection of modern psychedelic trance music originating from beautiful area in the northeast of Europe that was populated by Finno-Ugric tribes and nowadays covers Finland, Estonia and Karelia. one of the most respected psytrance djs in the area Unitone has carefully picked a fine selection and has put together such established acts as Vertical, Rye Smugglers, Portal Protection, Laatoka, Frosty Fennic and most interesting upcoming local talents such as Initial, Music Simplified, Biopolar and Cosmic Dellusion.

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