Nirmal (Dj)

Nirmal (Dj)

Nirmal is based in goa where he experienced the growth of goa trance and its evolution into the many states of trance music. His music is a combination of psychedelic experience and pure celebration. Dancing and djing round the world sharing the freedom of love and psychedelia. Originally from Scotland and now mostly producing music out of his studio in Goa where he is also involved in the Trippy Trail project with Samadhi. Nirmal has played most of the major trance festivals in the world including Universo Parallelo, Sonica, Antaris, Solar Eclipse (Turkey), and the highlight was closing the Boom Festival in 2004

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Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP

The long-awaited release DISSOCIACTIVE EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" is OUT on Bandcamp . Stay tuned! Наконец-то долгожданные новые треки проекта DISSOCIACTIVE в его EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" стали доступны на Вскоре релиз будет доступен и на других ресурсах.

Blastourist EP Blastourist EP

Blastourist is the fresh psychedelic trance project of Tom and Gergo. The duo has countless years of experience in psychedelic music. Tom as a producer, aka Spiritcat, Gergo as a DJ, aka Gorgo did their best for the scene. Blastourist arrives with playful basslines to move your body across the night and carefully crafted leads to catch the light in the dark.

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