Khaiku - Common Scent EP

Khaiku - Common Scent EP

Artist Kaiku

Title Common Scent

Cat. number VERTIGOEP07

Type EP

Genre psytrance, suomi

Tracks 3

Lenght 24:20 min

Release date 16.02.2015

Design Sherebon

Mastering Colin OOOD

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Vertigo records is bringing out Kaiku debut EP by Juhanen, the usual suspect on diverse psytrance scene of Finland, who is also known as suomi soundi master Scooter Baba. Kaiku ( 'echo' in finish) is Juha's next step in development as music producer,which will provide you a science fiction trance dance journey in the spatial, spectral and temporal realms of the acoustic dimension. Pumping bass sounds, energetic tempo, groovy rhythms topped with synthesized and sample-based sounds are handled with a real world acoustic twist to make the ensemble digitally crunchy organic. There are elements of Goa trance, Psytrance, Forest sounds with delicious layers of melody, very nice and hypnotic.  Every track is planted with a story about life, energy or the Cosmos.

 Release is available via Vertigo Shop

 And all main digital retailers: JunoDownload, Beatport,  PsyShop Digital, BeatSpace Digital

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