Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP

Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP

Artist Dissociactive

Title Dissociactive - Logical illusion EP

Cat. number VERTIGOCD35

Type Digital Album

Genre psytrance

Tracks 3

Release date 19.06.2018

Mastering Manifold Studio

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The long-awaited release DISSOCIACTIVE EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" is OUT on Bandcamp . 
Stay tuned! 

Наконец-то долгожданные новые треки проекта DISSOCIACTIVE в его EP "LOGICAL ILLUSION" стали доступны на  Bandcamp.com. Вскоре релиз будет доступен и на других ресурсах.
released June 19, 2018 

Mastered by Manifold

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