Synergic are Torgen Eismann & Benjamin Neiss from Germany. Their trance journey started at one of these magic partys in 1998. Both with a background in the heavy metal band “Art Of Suffering” but their new-found love for psychedelic trance soon took over completely, and so the Synergic project was born.Staying clear of many current-day overused trends, the two former heavy metal musicians create a symbiosis of melodic and emotional music for the body, spirit and mind. Intensive and pumping baselines combined with some dreamy sound-layers and psychedelic fx sounds. Very progressive and hypnotic, at no point on a stressful level, and never beeing afraid of trying something new. Music that is for dancing and dreaming equally. In 2011 their debut ep "One Mystery Left" was released on Ektoplazm, followed by the the full lenght album "Liquid Depth" on Spacebaby records. 2012 Synergic released a downbeat EP "Calm Down My Heart" as digital download on beatspace and short after that the "Forgotten Rituals" EP was released for free on Multiplex records. In 2014 Synergic released the chart breaking album Slow, Deep & Hypnotic on Power House Records, and recently signed fo Vertigo records for their new EP. With their unique sound Synergic stand out of the mass and you will definitely hear more from this project in the future.


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VA - Namaste From Russia 3 VA - Namaste From Russia 3

VERTIGO RECORDS crew is proud to announce our new VA NAMASTE FROM RUSSIA 3 the next chapter of our series dedicated to Psychedelic scene in Russia. This compilation consists of 10 conscientiously chosen music stories that were made especially for this compilation by some of the famous Russian soundmasters including Transdriver , Wishi , Fungus Funk , Dissociaсtive and Glooex . Also following an old good Vertigo tradition of supporting few up-and-coming producers such as Deceptio Visus , Groove Hunter and Nemo as well as famous Russian Dj Myst

VA - FroZen DeLights VA - FroZen DeLights

FroZen DeLights is an unique collection of modern psychedelic trance music originating from beautiful area in the northeast of Europe that was populated by Finno-Ugric tribes and nowadays covers Finland, Estonia and Karelia. one of the most respected psytrance djs in the area Unitone has carefully picked a fine selection and has put together such established acts as Vertical, Rye Smugglers, Portal Protection, Laatoka, Frosty Fennic and most interesting upcoming local talents such as Initial, Music Simplified, Biopolar and Cosmic Dellusion.

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