Transdriver - Antiethno EP

Transdriver - Antiethno EP

Artist Transdriver

Title Antiethno

Cat. number VERTIGOEP02

Type EP

Genre psytrance

Tracks 4

Lenght 35:23

Release date 02.10.2012

Design Shoom

Mastering Alexey Kovalev

Transdriver - Antiethno EP by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

Vertigo Records is happy to announce a series of digital only releases and we are even more proud to present a new EP by truly pioneer of psychedelic music in Russia  Alexey Kovalev aka Transdriver who is known for his very unique sound of psyctrance that he was developing since the mid  90 ies. He was one of Vertigo core artists since the begging and released his cult album for Russian psychedelic scene ‘Between Day and Night’ on 2 CDs in autumn 2005.

  Brand new ANTIETHNO EP contains four tracks with main idea of combining ethnic and classical music instruments with  sounds  created by the means of charged particles motion. The aim was to show in sound the success of these different ways of music production. ANTIETHNO is a contradistinction to one-sided approach in music. There is music, which carries ideas regardless the style and means of expression and if the combination of different approaches allows better transfer of author’s ideas to the listener so we have to go for it.

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Read author's thoughts and ideas that stand behind each track:

Antiethno  –  track, which combines ethnic, classical and synthetic instruments and parties. Combination of different ways of music creation and emotions transfer gives the feeling of early morning and pure sounds of nature perceived by a human living in the urban world. 


Betelgeuse is a star, which can become the second Sun to us after a supernova explosion. This track blends tunefulness and some elements of music of the past with sequences and synth batches of the present. Metamorphosis and revival in the new quality – is the main idea of the track.


Mind Difference – the sounds of live wind instruments, flows of harsh synth parties, the change of melodic fragments – in my opinion, this is the way a person changes attitude to some events and phenomena, forming new point of view and changing perception. The mood changes dramatically during the track.  The last part, as I see, reflects the state of mind when the brain has made a great work and a person has made certain conclusions.

Mind Difference

Piano (rmx) – is a remix to my old track – Piano that was released on my last album 'Between Day and Night' on Vertigo Records. In this new version I express my attitude to this wonderful instrument and show different displays of its’ sounding.  The crossing paths of classical, jazz, ethnic parties, the interaction of other instruments with piano, some parties and rhythmic fragments, which were used in my tracks before – all these creates new attitude to something we already know.

Piano (RMX)

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