VA - Vertigo All Around

VA - Vertigo All Around

Artist Various Artists

Title Vertigo All Around

Cat. number VERTIGOCD031

Type CD

Genre psytrance, goatrance

Tracks 10

Lenght 79 min

Release date 29.04.2016

Design Layout by Psi Psokoino, 3d graphics by Tim Shanti

Mastering Colin Bennun @ The Stoodio, except track 1 by Edward Cybered @ Manifold Studio

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Vertigo Records has reached a decade of its service for delivery of original quality psychedelic music to the people. And we would like to make another mark in the history by our special anniversary compilation which we believe represents all stages of the development of label’s sound. In this CD we have collected most interesting tracks from our resident artists, who have been with us through all those years and become regular features of our compilations and released their albums on Vertigo records- such as Ocelot, OOOD, Transdriver, Terrafractyl. Also we included those special tunes that have been sort of secret tools for Vertigo resident djs for years but have not been officially released yet for some reasons such us Glooex, Hired Hoonz, Dohm, Trippy Trail and also very exclusive rare unreleased track by God Father of Russian psychedelic sound Zolod (R.I.P) aka Parasense, aka Terminator aka Freaking,aka Deja vu Fabrique. So we hope this CD will give a lot of remarkable moments for the souls and bodies of our fans around the globe as we are so grateful for their constant support through all these years

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