VA - AcidSport

VA -  AcidSport

Artist Compilation

Title AcidSport

Cat. number VERTIGOCD007

Type CD

Genre psytrance, darkpsy

Tracks 10

Lenght 78 min

Release date 02/01/2006

Design Fabio Borges

Mastering Kindzadza

VA - AcidSport ( samples) by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

Breaths deeply, stretch your muscles carefully – it’s time for acid sport! International team of psytrance champions from India, USA, Brazil, Denmark, Macedonia, France and Russia will explode your body and mind with non-stop powerful psychedelic energy. This music should be played just before sunrise, in the mystical early-morning twilight. Dancefloor will become an acid playground filled with fat baselines, enigmatic rhythms and modern psychedelic grooves. This compilation is a new chapter in trance history. Vertigo Records always stood on edge of real psychoactive sounds. No retro vibes just fresh psyspirit! So, get ready, dress your favorite partywear fantastic, unforgettable trip coming very soon! Don’t be afraid to get some vertigo "Acidsport" is 100% pure stuff!

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