VA - Yes Or No

VA - Yes Or No

Artist Compilation

Title Yes or No

Cat. number VERTIGOCD005

Type CD

Genre psystrance, darkpsy

Tracks 10

Lenght 87

Release date 11/01/2005

Mastering Kindzadza

VA - Yes Or No by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

A Question of choice is an everlasting question for all human beings... Choosing “Yes or No” - you’ll get non-compromises, shocking extra-power result. On this CD Vertigo crew have gathered artists with the common reputation of the nighttime killers. You'll discover time stretching compositions of The Nommos, Cosmo, Osom (sounds of KinDzaDza & Psykovsky), Adrenal Glands (of Zik), The Many Face (of Jelly & Dejan), Terminator (Zolod) feat. DarkShire, Furious, Highko, Silent Horror and Encaphalopaticys are here. Most part of these tracks is 150 bpm… No play - no game

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