VA – 25th Frame

VA – 25th Frame

Artist Compilation

Title 25th Frame

Cat. number VERTIGOCD016

Type CD

Genre psytrance, full on

Tracks 10

Lenght 80 min

Release date 10/10/2007

Mastering Delirious Noon

VA - 25th Frame by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

What is hidden from casual perception, nevertheless can bring absolutely boundless impression for the open minds. With its last VA (25th Frame) Vertigo Records presents innovative and at the same time high quality sound of Mindcartoonmakers from Australia - Hired Goonz aka Neuron Compost, Reality Pixie; Macedonia - Yudhisthira; Norway - Trold; and Russia - Delirious Noon, Cadans. Certainly the shown conceptions have their unique spirit, original presentation and the sound brought to perfection which would be pleasant for the deepest undeground auditory and either for people who appreciate sound quality besides the idea. The abundance of broken rythms, loads of samples from the preferable psystories are waiting for its listeners in the lovely proportion between Joy and something much more deeper incredible that cannot be seen by usual sight, something that is shown by 25th Frame.

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