Deja Vu Fabrique

Deja Vu Fabrique

Artist Deja Vu Fabrique

Title Deja Vu Fabrique

Cat. number DJV CD022, VERTIGOCD017

Type CD

Genre psytrance

Tracks 9

Lenght 78

Release date 09/01/2006

Design Luminokaya Lab

Deja Vu Fabrique by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

Two friendly labels Vertigo Rerords and Deja Vu Records were united to release unique creation of Viktor Zolotarenko aka Zolod, Parasense, Burned Processor, Terminator, Freaking, Big Noise.
This is his last posthumous album. Literally, it's a music masterpiece, which could forever remain in private collections of Zolod's closer friends. But only due to their effort, we have now a real possibility to dip into the world of inner melodies and soul tones filled each track with vibration of eternal life.
 'Russian morning', well known and inimitable style of famous author, but this album, at the same time, differs from the rest of Zolod's creations with depth and perception of each sound. In creation of melodies that imbues 'Dejavu Fabrique', took part professor of worldwide known Russian Music Gnesin Academy Vladimir Khlopovsky.
  Disk was released in the limited circulation and intended for true connoisseurs of genuine music. All tracks are arranged and mixed in a fantastic beautiful story. This is the last full length cd of his brilliant music work.

P.S. This album contains absolutely new version of track 'Mosgorsvet'

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