Abnormal Project - Rules Of Ohm

Abnormal Project - Rules Of Ohm

Artist Abnormal Project

Title Rules of Ohm

Cat. number VERTIGOCD009

Type CD

Genre psytrance

Tracks 8

Lenght 62 min

Mastering Welle

Abnormal Project - Rules of Ohm (Ablum demo) by Vertigo Records * to listen full length tracks please click «BUY»

  Straight from mother Russia here is her freaky and abnormal, but loved and talented child! "Abnormal Project" debut album is a result of hard working months in advanced studio - it's a following step in a development of russian psytrance. A long-awaited gift for night-time dancefloors. These tracks will not allow you to sit. You will fly to cosmos, supported by mystical vibrations of sacral mantra. Meditate through dance! Filled with strong bass-lines, weird gurgles and tweaked acid-crackles, "Rules of Ohm" is a modern Goa-sound with russian accent.

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